Logo Design

An effective logo design can help a company brand gain, retain, and engage customers. There is no exact science to logos, but in the hands of a great designer, magic can happen. There are a variety of guidelines that designers keep when creating a logo. The logo must be simple, flexible, eye-catching, and representative.

We love to dig right into your company and culture to identify what separates you from the pack.  We start with the initial discovery phase, and we get to know your company on a deep level, to determine what makes your brand unique. One on one interviews and competitive research bring our discovery to life, allowing us to develop a comprehensive brand strategy including design, messaging, and voice – all driven by your brand.

Your logo design is more than just an image or a fancy icon – it’s the first reflection of your company and culture. We will help discover the strongest attributes of your brand that align with your company values. Then we’ll develop an authentic visual identity true to these characteristics that resonate deeply with your audience.

What Does Your Font/Logo Say About You? Is it Time for An Updated Logo?

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Great History of Typography Here is a great info-graphic on typography. Fonts are an cornerstone of design. They come into play with logo design, print design, and many other media’s. There are over 90,000 typefaces available today. Read through and you can dive into the history of typography. What does your logo font say about your company? Do you know? Have you ever considered the message it is portraying to you potential customers? The font you use is important, if you want create a consistent brand message contact us today @ 781-510-1298 (Boston Area) or 401-339-4155 (Providence Area).

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The importance of a well designed logo for your business

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Your business logo is your prime identity. This is what makes you connect with your loyal customers and gets you noticed. If you have a high-flying logo, people will easily notice you among the crowd of your competitors. This is why; it is really important for you to carefully plan your logo and branding design. If you have a meaningful and impactful logo, this will not only make your clients to locate you easily but also add more value to your branding as well. Now let’s talk in detail about the role of your business logo in maximizing your profits. Your logo which is actually a sign or image resembles your presence in the market. If you have a logo that is popular to common people, they will be easily attracted to you and your products as well. Take the example of Proctor & Gamble who have a dominant logo…

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