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Is Email Marketing Dead?

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Email Marketing can be a small business best friend when it comes time for a big marketing push. Recently we have heard grumblings that email marketing is not efficient enough to attract customers. We think email marketing has its place right beside your website design as one of the most powerful and important marketing tactics you can use as a small business. Email marketing is still extremely cost efficient for general marketing and is evolving into companion to other marketing and web development strategies.

Email Wanted Dead or Alive

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Making your Website Multilingual

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Building a Multi Language WebsiteWhen thinking about the structure and the audience your website will bring in it is becoming more and more important to ensure your website can be viewed and read by as many visitors as possible. When we speak with our clients about starting there web design we always bring up the ability to make there website translatable across numerous languages.

While some browsers such as Chrome, already have a built in translation feature, we cannot rely on the fact that everyone is using the Chrome browser. Fortunately, there are some great options for adding multilingual support your website. We’ve done a few so far and have used these two approaches.

Automatic Web Design Translation:

This option creates a universal translation of all elements across your website. Automatic translation can be beneficial if you are in a time crunch or just want to provide your visitors an easy way to view your content.

Pros: Inexpensive, and easy to use, with many languages supported.
Cons: Translations are not precise, and you must rely on third party service; it can slow things down a bit, and can break menus and layouts.

When should you use automatic translation?

If you have a target audience and it is primarily one language such as English, then automatic translation provides a quick and easy method to reach non-native speakers.

Chances are good that if a visitor is looking for information or services from your site and need a translation, they have used online translation services before. Supplying in-page translation services removes that extra step needed by the visitor and provides a better experience.

Manual translation of your Website:

Pros: Perfect translations and end-user experience.
Cons: Can be expensive and you need to decide which languages your website will provide.

When manual website translation is beneficial?

Manual translations are advantageous when your audience has more than one (but not too many) primary languages. In these situations, it is more considerable to maximize the quality of your audience versus maximizing its size. Most translation services charge by the word, but what you get in return is a near perfect translation.

How your small business can benefit from an SEO plan

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Rhode Island Small Business SEO Services

It has been always difficult for small businesses to promote their business and products against the dominant market leaders who always have more money, support and acceptability. However, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a helpful strategy for small businesses to get back at the big guns. To be honest, SEO is the only way for small business to get noticed and promote their products to millions of people throughout the world. Even if they might not have that much of money to spend on advertisement, they can still compete head to head with anyone regardless of its market share, size and resources.

So how does SEO and search engine marketing or SEM works? It all starts with the rising supremacy of internet and search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Now a day, everyone looks for their favourite products or information on the internet. This is where; SEO can make difference for small businesses. Usually, large organizations will have huge billboards, sponsorship programs and branding programs. Such intensive marketing strategy will make it really difficult for small businesses to get noticed. However, with search engine optimization or SEO, they will be able to top in the Google list and get noticed by people in the community and also other parts of the country as well. In addition to SEO, SEM can also be helpful for small businesses which are a broader internet marketing strategy that focuses on promoting websites for better awareness.

The SEM and SEO are more accurate for small business as they need less investment than conventional marketing strategies. However, even after small amount of investment, they can give you exposure on a global level. With this strategy, you remain in touch with your customers all the time and you don’t need to pay for any billboard or newspaper ads. SEO & SEM are also considered to be helpful for businesses since they are targeted to the actual clients and the community. In fact, it is the phenomenon of SEO and SEM which has given new hope to small businesses to compete and also succeed against the large companies. For this, all you will need is a precise web development strategy, an attractive website and expert search engine optimizers such as Rhode Island Search Engine Optimization.

For the same reason, the number of SEO & SEM companies like Rhode Island Search Engine Optimization is booming in USA and other parts of the world. These SEO companies are able to craft effective web development strategy for small business which includes developing website, optimizing pages both offline and online, building links between sites, developing contents and so on. Although small businesses can do these things on their own, they will never be able to do it like the pros. This why; you should ask for help from SEO companies like Rhode Island Search Engine Optimization. As they know how to tweak your website and make it standout in millions of other websites, you will get instant recognition without spending a fortune.

Effective Email Marketing for your business

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Email Marketing and the right way to do it is kind of an unknown among many business’s. What is the proper way for you to market? How many times should you send out a marketing message and who should your email marketing message be sent to? Those are all great questions, The purpose of this article is to help answer some of these questions even if you are not one of our email marketing customers in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.

Truths about Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing is cost-effective. There are costs involved in email marketing, such as copywriting and design, your production and delivery costs are significantly cheaper than that of direct mail. For the same amount, you can send out around a hundred emails for every direct mail letter.
  • Email builds relationships. While email may not be the only method that helps connect you with your audience, it’s the least intrusive—enabling the recipient to respond at their leisure. A well thought-out email plan can create and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Email is active. Email marketing actively sends your message to interested people, rather than relying on them to find you each time.
  • Email provides timely results. The time between distribution and delivery of
    an email marketing campaign can be measured in minutes rather than days. This allows you to choose the time you deliver your messages with more precision, and also means results will become evident quickly after you start your campaign.
  • Email is quick to produce. Once you’re set up to run email campaigns, you can easily launch a major marketing initiative to all your customers in a few hours. There’s no other direct marketing source that could be implemented in this sort of time period.
  • Email accommodates hyperlinks. With just a click of the mouse, a customer can go from reading your marketing message to purchasing at your online checkout. This speedy one-step process is what marketing dreams are made of.
  • Email provides detailed feedback. Email marketing allows for comprehensive feedback. You can measure how many of your emails were successfully delivered and opened, how many times your links were clicked on, and, importantly, how many sales you made. This also enables thorough campaign analysis.
  • Email enables affordable segmentation and targeting. Email marketing is agile, allowing you to vary the content sent to customers on your distribution list. You can segment, that is, split your lists based on market segments such as geographic location, purchase history, gender, and age to send tailored messages, improving your conversion rate.
  • Email plays well with others. Email works well when part of an integrated direct marketing campaign. While other methods can come across as disruptive or pushy, email is able to prepare your customers for a sales call—or as a followup to a face-to-face sale—without getting in a customer’s face.

How can Email Marketing help your Rhode Island or Massachusetts based company? By keeping in touch with your potential customers at key and strategic times either weekly or monthly you will build a reputation with your customers and always stay relevant with them. Most customers if not ready to make a purchase right away will at least remember you when it comes time to make that purchase and the more top of mind you are to them through all of your email communications then the better chance you will have to be remembered by them.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

Building a responsive website design

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Building a Responsive Website design: In today’s new age world as a business we cannot afford to limit our websites to computer screens alone. Not only are all computer screens various sizes but each user can adjust there own settings that can make your website look completly different that your initial intentions.

As technology advances more and more people view consumer websites on there mobile phones, tablet’s and e-readers. Building a dedicated website for each of these devices would not only be a cumbersome project but would also drive up the cost of your website development. Based on recent statistics, mobile Internet usage has been growing over the past few years and is expected to overtake computer Internet usage by next year!

The Solution – Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is a way of building a site using a set of standards that adapt to the size of the screen the website is being viewed on.  What appears to be a full scale website on a desktop computer when viewed on a mobile device will display as if it was built specifically for that device by scaling down the page elements such as images, boxed areas, and menu’s while maintaing the text to a readable size on the mobile device. This process works the same way across all different types of devices no matter what the size of the screen.

Making sure to build your companies website with a responsive framework when you start your planning and developing of your new website will not only save you time and money, but will also ensure your site will be available to viewers for the future as well.

[image title=”Responsive Website design” align=”center” desc=”Info-graphic created by Dot Com Infoway” alt=”Building a responsive website design graphic”  lightbox=”true” height=”1531″]http://blackdoorcreative.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/responsive-web-design-infographic-rhode-island.jpeg[/image]


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