Local Search Marketing


Local Search Marketing In the blink of an eye, Yellow Pages, coupon books, and other local print advertising channels were replaced by search engines and other online tools. Once customers discovered that they could find local vendors and businesses quickly – complete with reviews and up-to-date information – decades of consumer habits and preferences disappeared.

Now, even businesses that get most of their customers from the same neighborhood have to have search-optimized websites and comprehensive Internet marketing campaigns. That’s not a problem if you have the right creative team on your side, but if you don’t you could watch your new sales opportunities dry up overnight.

The team at Black Door Creative understands the unique challenges that small and local businesses face. We can show you how to maximize your time and budget to win new customers without breaking the bank. Our local search marketing packages include everything you need to watch your company grow, including:

  • Local search optimization with geographic keywords so your company can be found more easily on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Reputation management campaigns that ensure your best customers are leaving positive reviews for your company, and a plan of action to deal with unflattering feedback
  • Customized web design that includes maps, driving directions, and other details that make it easier for buyers in your area to find your business or retail location

Don’t let your best sales and marketing opportunities slip away because you don’t have a plan to compete with the other companies in your neighborhood. Call our team today and learn how easy it is to use the Internet to bring buyers directly to your front door.