What Makes Up a Well-Rounded Online Marketing Campaign in 2021?

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What makes up a well-rounded marketing strategy in 2021?

We often hear from business owners that they know they should be more engaged with online marketing but aren’t sure how. Or, they might tell us that they know their plan is missing some pieces but aren’t sure which additional strategies they should be pursuing.

These kinds of conversations point to a single, broader issue: it can be difficult to know what exactly goes into a well-rounded online marketing campaign in 2021. For example, you might know you’re supposed to eat your grains and vegetables, but what do you actually put online to attract customers?

We want to address that question in today’s post. If you are new to internet marketing or aren’t getting the kinds of results you have hoped for, here are seven things you definitely need to be taking advantage of going forward…


web design illustration#1 A Business Website

Your business website is the hub of your online marketing strategy. It’s the first thing most people will ever see when researching your business, so it has to make a rock-solid first impression.

Even more than that, your business website should be functional. That means fast, stable, and easy to use. Also, it helps if you have apps that can help you move forward with e-commerce, customer service, and other tasks that either increase sales or lower costs.

#2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

It doesn’t matter how well-built your website is, of course, if no one can find it. And there isn’t any better source of steady and targeted leads than Google. A good search engine optimization strategy will deliver you hundreds or thousands of focused prospects every day of the year.

As with the website, good SEO is a foundational piece of your online marketing plan. But don’t make the mistake of stopping there.

#3 Social Media Marketing

Rhode Island Digital Marketing AgencySocial media has become an everyday technology for most of your customers (and probably for you, too). With that in mind, it only makes sense to meet your buyers where they already are.

Social Media Marketing can take a bit of time and creativity to grow, but they can help you expand your reach in an extraordinarily cost-effective way through paid social advertising campaigns. Plus, you can use your company’s social profiles to gather reviews and testimonials, which boost your credibility online.

#4 Search and Social Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Some marketers shy away from Pay-Per-Click or paid digital search ads, mainly because they are afraid of the costs. That amounts to short-term thinking, though. Wouldn’t you want someone who looked and acted like your best customers to find out about your business, especially if it only cost you a few pennies?

There are a lot of digital advertising platforms out there. At the very least, you should have targeted campaigns running on search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook. It’s also a good idea to integrate retargeting ads, which help you “follow up” with potential buyers who have already responded to one of your campaigns.

#5 Strong Online Reviews

Online Reputation ManagmentThese days, almost no one visits a store, calls for an appointment, or makes an online purchase without reading online reviews. Some surveys suggest that more than 90% of all buyers will read internet feedback before making purchasing decisions.

There are simple things you can do to encourage good reviews on your website. The practice is called online reputation management, and it’s a massively cost-effective way to boost your bottom line.

#6 Email and Blog Articles

These are the basics, but they remain part of a well-balanced online marketing plan for a reason. By adding focused content to your blog or reaching out to customers regularly, you can keep their attention and interest at virtually no cost.

Email marketing and blogging require good habits and work best over time. That makes them easy to ignore, but we encourage you to make them part of your game plan.

#7 A Commonsense Strategy

The last piece we want to mention is also the easiest to overlook. You shouldn’t be “doing” any of these items, or even paying for them, without some bigger-picture goal. If you do, your results are going to be random.

If you don’t already have a good online marketing strategy in place, then now is a good time to start working with a strong creative team. They can help you achieve the kind of real-world ROI you’re looking for while also working within the budget and schedule constraints we all have to deal with.

Are You Missing Any of These Online Marketing Essentials?

Do you see items on this list you haven’t incorporated into your business? Or, are there a few that you could be getting more mileage from? If so, we can help. Contact the web design, online marketing, and business growth experts at Black Door Creative in Providence today. Every project starts with a free consultation to help you find exactly what you need before we put our expertise to work for you!

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