What Will Widespread 5G Mean for Business Web Design?

The spread of high-speed internet has changed everything – not just for those of us in the web design and online marketing industry, but the rest of the world, too. Those of us who can remember dial-up connections would have found it hard to imagine a world where millions of movies can be streamed over a phone at any given time.

As amazing as all that is, however, the next revolution is well on its way. 5G mobile web speeds are just around the corner, particularly in urban areas. What will that mean for businesses?

What Faster Mobile Speeds Will Mean for Online Marketers

In our view, there are at least three obvious implications of widespread 5G connectivity:

First, Online Video Will Become Even Bigger Than It Is Now – Video has a lot of advantages for marketers. It’s more engaging, more memorable, and more persuasive. With ultra-fast download speeds you can bet companies will take advantage.

Web and Marketers Will Have More Flexibility – Things have gotten better, but as web designers we still have to think carefully about file sizes, resolutions, and other bandwidth-related issues. Once 5G goes mainstream, it will be easier to build fast websites that still look flawless.