Small Business website AnalyticsYou have taken the time to create the perfect website design for your company, you even developed a mobile website and run a PPC campaign for targeted keywords. But do you know how many visitors are coming to your website? Do you know where they are coming from? How long they are staying on your website? Then its time to make sure you have website analytics install on your website.

These are all factors that can help you to tweak your website for even better performance. Taking analytics to the next level, we can start looking into what website content is most read and what your users are finding most valuable.

If you’re in content  publishing, then  you would want to know which articles or  posts you wrote are the most popular and generating the most traffic. Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand which articles are getting shared and linked to? Or, which articles people are staying on the longest? Of course it would! All of these insights can help to better plan content and cater to improving your website, which then leads to more visitors and more exposure.

Without this data, your organization is not able to effectively manage your website’s online presence. you are just guessing, and you have no way to track how effective your online marketing is at building your websites traffic goals and generating customers.

For monthly, quarterly or yearly planning, web analytics turn data into actionable recommendations about your websites online presence.