The Easiest Way to Get Online Marketing Wrong

There are hundreds of ways to get online marketing right. Every business, target audience, and revenue path is different. That means there are lots of ways to attract leads or generate sales profitably. While one marketer might focus on promoting online videos, for example, another could dominate organic search engine optimization with written posts. There are lots of good guidelines to follow, but ultimately you need to find a strategy that works for your specific company.

Things tend to be a little more straightforward when we talk about disappointing results. In most cases, the business owners who struggle to attract customers are making the same common mistakes again and again. They tend to fail for reasons that aren’t unique at all.

In today’s post, we want to zero in on one such blunder we see frequently: a tendency to see marketing as something you can do one time and then forget about. This just about never works, even if the initial activity and investments are strong. Let’s look at some of the reasons why…

Rhode Island Digital Marketing AgencyDoing Marketing “All at Once” Never Works

When you put an online marketing plan together, you do so with the knowledge and resources you have today. However, the information you have after the fact will be better and more complete. That’s why your campaigns will likely become sharper and more profitable over time.

Trying to do things all at once might lead you to the right starting point, but not the destination (or results) you’re ultimately trying to reach.

You’re Smarter and More Creative in Bursts

Creating effective online marketing campaigns is all about developing content and refining your sales message. Neither of those are things you are going to do very well when you rush.

To put this another way, it’s much better to brainstorm headlines or video topics once a week than it is to try to force 100 of them out of your mind in a single sitting. And, of course, you get more skilled at all of these tasks when you repeat them. That’s one reason why you’ll get much better results with a consistent effort over a short burst of activity.

You Want to Be Responsive to Your Audience

Imagine for a moment you decided to schedule all of your ads and social posts for the next year. On the one hand, you would be doing better than all the business owners out there who can’t seem to find the time to market themselves at all. But on the other hand, you would inevitably be setting yourself up for failure.

Why? Because good messaging isn’t just about content and frequency. You also have to respond to your audience, and to current events. How many of us would have been able to predict what the world would look like right now in 2020? How many of us can see past a couple of weeks into the future with any reliability? You know the answer, which is why your marketing campaigns always have to be evolving.

Your Long-Term Results Will Be Better

Ultimately, the goal of your online marketing work isn’t to “finish your online marketing work,” although it can sometimes feel that way. What you’re really out to do is reach customers and improve your sales.

There aren’t many jobs in your business that are more important than that. By breaking such a huge project down into smaller pieces, you can make things easier and achieve better results. Isn’t that worth coming back to the job on a regular basis?

Get Online Marketing Tips You Can Actually Use

There’s a lot of online marketing information and advice out there. Unfortunately, much of it is granular – it focuses on micro-level steps and tactics that don’t really point you toward a cohesive strategy.

We have all the same tools and tricks as our colleagues, but what sets us apart is a focus on helping our clients deploy fast, sustainable, and high-ROI tactics. In other words, we make it our goal to actually grow your business, not just impress you with the latest factoid or algorithm update.

To see what kind of difference we could make in your business, contact the experts at Black Door Creative today so we can schedule a time to talk!


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