Should You Ever Ditch Your Domain for SEO Purposes?

A golden rule of search engine optimization (SEO) is that domains become more valuable over time. The longer your website is around, the more chance there is for buyers to know and trust it. And of course, Google places more authority on established domains.

It is precisely the value of having an established web address that leads entrepreneurs to buy out online competitors already receiving search traffic, and to redirect popular pages to new destinations rather than abandon them. But what about moving in the other direction? Could it ever make sense to give up on a domain you have been using and start fresh for SEO purposes?

Although it would be rare to make such a move, there are a couple of times when you might consider making such a switch. Let’s look at each one.


You Should Start Fresh When You Have a New Business

Domain popularity is only valuable when the site is in alignment with the sort of traffic that is being received. In other words, a web address is only useful to you if it helps you bring in buyers.

Let’s look at a very simple hypothetical. Suppose tomorrow we woke up and decided that we were going to stop building websites and managing online marketing campaigns; instead, our company was going to produce pet food. The domain would still have a lot of search value, but wouldn’t help us grow the kind of company we were looking to create.

What does this mean for you? That changing your company name, mixing up your product or service mix in a big way, or otherwise permanently shifting your business could all cause you to research new domain names. Even if what you have is popular and established, it might not make it a good match for the kind of customers or clients you’re trying to draw in.

You don’t want people to be frustrated, and neither should you expect Google’s search spiders to understand abrupt changes in your business model. If you are doing something serious enough to change the name of your business, then you have to think about changing the domain name you are using at the same time.

It Makes Sense to Write Off a Domain After Google Has

The other reason you might give up on a domain name involves a situation we’ve seen frequently: namely when Google has given up on your existing site.

We always like to remind new clients that search engine optimization results can be achieved relatively quickly and that it’s never a good idea to take shortcuts. When you try to game the system by stuffing keywords, creating invisible links, and following other cheap tricks to boost search visibility, then you risk being ignored (or even banned) by Google.

In other words, using gimmicky tactics can get you blacklisted from the world’s most popular search engine. These kinds of punishment are usually temporary, and can often be undone with some careful rebuilding work. However, there are times when your reputation is so low – both with Google, and with customers – that it makes sense to blow everything up and start again on a new domain name. Ironically, this could also force you to change the legal name of your company if you want to stay in business.

This is an extreme solution, of course, so it should only be deployed in extreme situations. If you have any doubts about whether such action is warranted, then take this as your chance to call us for a website audit immediately.

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