Mobile Website Development

mobile_web_designYou’ve probably noticed that smartphones, tablets, and other web-ready mobile devices are everywhere these days – and if you’re like most of us, you might even depend on them yourself. So why is it that so many companies are ignoring the potential of mobile website development?

Building and launching a mobile-compatible version of your business website can be fast, convenient, and inexpensive. More importantly, though, it can open your company, and your Internet marketing plan, up to a whole new set of possibilities. Right now, there are probably thousands of buyers who would like to visit your website from a smaller screen. If they can’t, that means lots of missed opportunities.

The Black Door Creative team can help you with every aspect of mobile website design and development, including:

  • Adapting your existing layout and content to smaller screens on a dedicated mobile website

  • Building and coding responsive business websites that change their appearance based on your customer’s hardware and software configuration

  • Mobile e-commerce platforms that make it easy for buyers to purchase products and services from you while they’re on the go

  • Mobile marketing plans that help you reach customers through text-only emails and other tools

There’s no longer any good excuse for watching the world go mobile and doing nothing to bring your company up to date. To get a sense of how mobile web development could help your business – and to get the step-by-step action plan you need – get in touch with a member of our team today for a free consultation.