Do You Have the Right Marketing Mindset This Fall?

Sports commentators like to say that the best defense is a great offense. It’s hard for your competition – whether they are facing you on a field or in the marketplace – to beat you when they’re too focused on protecting their own ground.

This is a great place to start a conversation on marketing tactics this Fall, because far too many business owners and executives are sitting back and worrying about what they might lose instead of thinking about what they have to gain. Things might be hard in your area or industry, but in most cases the sky really isn’t falling. However, the perception that everything is going wrong might be keeping others in your market from being as proactive as they should.

That means your best move might be to be on the offense. You may find that there are lots of opportunities to grow, acquire customers, and save money. That’s because the other players in your market are too busy worrying about the future to take the bold steps you are thinking about.

Of course, deciding to be aggressive can take a lot of different forms, and figuring out the best path forward requires careful consideration of your specific situation and goals. Still, there are some general guidelines you can follow…