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5 Instant, Effective, and Affordable Ways to Boost Your Online Marketing

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Contrary to popular belief – and what some of our competitors might tell you – getting better online marketing results doesn’t have to involve designing and launching a brand-new website.

There are times when you should take that step, of course, but it can sometimes be just as smart (and a whole lot more cost-effective) to make small and immediate improvements to the website you have. For some business owners and managers, making inexpensive tweaks might be the only choice if budgets are tight.

A lot of web designers don’t like to admit this, but there are little things you can do to boost the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns that don’t require a lot in terms of effort or money. They won’t save you if you have a bad website, but they can go a long way towards helping you get more returns from a good one that just has a few issues.

To put it a different way, sometimes it’s better to put new tires and a fresh windshield on the car you have rather than trading it in at the dealership. The same thing can apply to business web design. Making a huge investment into a brand-new layout isn’t always the answer, particularly in the short term.

With that in mind, let’s look at five effective, affordable, and nearly-instant ways you can boost your online marketing results…

Audit current website#1 Audit Your Business Website

Imagine if you could have a simple report that told you exactly what was going on with your business website at any time. It would give you statistics about visitors and traffic sources, along with insights into which pages and content categories were most popular. It would also evaluate technical factors like web page loading speed, quality of your internal links, and even your current search engine positioning.

What we’ve just described is referred to as a website audit. Getting one doesn’t take long and won’t cost you very much. What you get in return is valuable information about the way your web presence is seen by search engine spiders and used by real-world prospects.

Business owners are often astonished by the things we can learn during a website audit. For instance, we could discover that they have broken links preventing the flow of traffic from one page to another, or that a landing page isn’t functioning correctly and leaves potential customers at a dead end. We might learn there are duplicate content issues causing Google to ignore certain pages, or that visitors are leaving before the company’s content displays at all.

Auditing a website isn’t just about picking up on problems, either. By better understanding who you have coming to your pages and studying their actions, you can spot opportunities you didn’t know existed. You may discover that some products or subjects are attention-grabbers, while certain offers just aren’t pulling in the kind of responses they were designed for.

It’s the combination of web analytics with technical testing and creative evaluation that makes a website audit so valuable. It gives the business owner the chance to see a “big picture” view of their online strategy that’s difficult to obtain in any other way. Most importantly, it can point the way towards small, simple, and inexpensive course corrections that let you get more from your existing website without having to pay for a redesign.

upgrade website hosting

#2 Upgrade Your Web Hosting

How much do you know about your web hosting package? If the answer is “not much,” you aren’t alone. Most business owners are barely aware of how their websites are stored and delivered.

It’s not hard to understand why: an entrepreneur or manager will normally choose the cheapest option when it comes to web hosting because they don’t really understand the choices. They want their pages to be on the internet, and any plan will allow for that. So, they assume a standard “small business package” is the smart choice.

However, there are a lot of reasons to pay a little extra for premium web hosting. That’s because better hosting comes with several performance and security-related benefits.

One of the easiest to understand is faster website loading. With premium web hosting, you get dedicated server space on newer equipment. That means your website is going to load faster than it would if it were stored on an older crowded server with hundreds of other websites.

There are also lots of online security features that come with better web hosting. For example, you’ll likely get access to automatic daily backups and real-time traffic monitoring. That way, if someone tries to hack into your website, someone will be watching. And, you’ll have extra copies of all your content ready to use if there is a problem.

SSL connections, which are included or available with good web hosting, are increasingly important. These allow for encrypted transfers of data between your website and a user. They have been used by banks and online retailers for years, but businesses are beginning to integrate SSL functionality into their sites as well because Google prefers it. That means you could protect yourself from hackers and thieves while gaining a search visibility advantage over your competitors.

These are just a few of the things you get with better web hosting, and they are all available at a cost of just a few dollars per day. Take that into consideration and it’s easy to see why upgrading your web hosting can give a big boost to your online marketing campaigns without taking much from your budget.

#3 Add Local Keywords to Your Website

Search engine optimization is often thought of as being tedious, intensive, and requiring big up-front investments of time and money. All of those things can be true, particularly if you’re trying to take on lots of nationally-known companies in your market or industry.

If your focus is on local buyers, however, optimizing your website for search on Google and Bing is relatively straightforward and incredibly inexpensive. That’s because search engine programmers are working hard to match buyers with businesses and vendors in their own cities and neighborhoods. You have a built-in “home-field advantage” that you can either take advantage of or ignore.

How do you maximize your local search visibility? It all starts with adding geographic keywords to webpage titles, headings, and links.

For instance, a business like ours might make sure phrases like “Providence small business web design” appear in prominent places throughout the site. They might also include a state or province, or even a specific neighborhood. That way, Google’s search spiders can see where the company is located and direct searchers who are nearby and looking for the same type
of business.

Other easy and very inexpensive ways to attract local customers to your website involve adding maps and driving directions to your website or creating specific pages for each office or location you operate. These serve as further guides to your place in the geographic world and help you to stand out to customers who live and work nearby or happen to be passing through.

The amazing thing about optimizing a business website for local searches that it’s not just simple and affordable but can pay huge dividends in a relatively short amount of time. That’s because Google is continually re-indexing its search results, particularly with regards to queries for local shops, vendors, and retailers. Search programmers know small businesses open and close all the time, so they make it easy to update rankings on a weekly basis.

The upshot to all of this is that you can spend very little time and money and suddenly make your company more visible to dozens or hundreds of local buyers every week.

Online Review Management#4 Gather Strong Online Reviews

According to a survey by Forbes magazine, 90% of us check out online reviews before making a purchase, appointment, or even a visit to a retail store.

This statistic seems to surprise some business owners, but I’m not sure it should. After all, stop and think about the way you shop for products, restaurants, or service providers. Don’t you go online to see whether others have been happy with their purchase? You probably do, and so do your customers.

Recognizing the importance of online reviews is crucial because they can make or break sales opportunities before they have even developed. In other words, someone who sees bad feedback (or no feedback) about your business might decide not to call or stop by. If that happens, you won’t even be aware that you lost a sale in the first place.

Conversely, if prospects go online and see all kinds of fantastic things written about your business, your service, or the value of your products, they are far more likely to give you a try. More than that, they’ll start a new business relationship with the assumption that they are going to be pleased later.

Because this is such a profound difference, you should be taking great care to monitor and grow your online reputation. However, updating your business profiles on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Business, and numerous industry websites are local business directories would take a lot of time. Luckily, there are faster and more convenient ways to do things.

A good web designer can set you up on an affordable reputation management plan that costs less than a round of coffee for the office. Using intuitive and automated tools, you can be alerted every time someone leaves a new review for your business. You can also send links to new and existing customers who are happy to share testimonials on their favorite sites so it only takes them seconds to complete a review.

Often, the strength of your online reviews will determine whether you ever meet a new customer or not. Isn’t it worth a few dollars a month to ensure buyers are getting the right impression of your business?

Social Media Marketing Calendar#5 Create a Content Calendar

You are undoubtedly aware by now that new content feeds your blog, attracts search engine visitors, and drives your social media marketing campaigns. Google will come back to your site more often if you have lots of new pages or updates, and Facebook’s engagement formula is built to reward content producers.

At the same time, most small business owners don’t post nearly as much as they should online. Usually, it’s because they think coming up with material for their blog or social accounts has to require hours spent in front of a keyboard or a big budget for creative services.

You don’t need either one. Instead, you just need a basic content calendar that helps you to organize your thoughts and efforts.

Your content calendar can be as simple as a handwritten list, or a page on a spreadsheet. It just needs to include a list of upcoming themes, events, or topics your customers would care about. This could be a holiday, a new product rollout, a seminar, or something completely different.

For each item on your calendar, you add the appropriate content piece (like a short blog post, a series of tweets, etc.) that should be used to reinforce the theme. Suddenly, you have the blueprint for a working plan. If you decide to create your own content you aren’t starting from scratch, and if you hire someone they can charge you less because they know what you’re trying to accomplish.

No matter how you go about it, creating content is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote your business over the internet. Every time you produce a new article or visual, you give searchers a reason to visit your site and social followers something to share and pay attention to. By putting a content calendar into place, you organize your own thoughts and remove the biggest stumbling blocks to the writing and designing process.

Are You Ready to Move Your Online Marketing?

In this short guide, you’ve gotten five different low-cost, high-impact tips you can put to use today. All of them work and can make a difference in your bottom line rapidly. Best of all, none of them requires you to turn your marketing budget upside down to get started.

If you’re ready to put these ideas to good use – and kick your online marketing into a higher gear – then we invite you to contact us today to schedule a free consultation. It won’t cost you a thing, and in just 60 minutes or less our creative team can show you how to put these strategies and others to work.

Don’t waste another minute or dollar. Contact us now to set up your free meeting!

Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

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jbm_web_designResponsive web design means making a website look eye-popping on a desktop computer, and on a smartphone or tablet. For the most part this is easier said than done. A website looks different on a mobile device. That means that you, or your design firm, need to put a conscious effort into making a website responsive. It’s no longer enough to simply make a website look great on a computer.

For example, imagine that you have an article about the tourism industry in Rhode Island. Your website is probably going to include lots of pictures. These pictures may look excellent on a computer, and too small on a smartphone. To make a website responsive, a web design firm might take one large picture of Providence or Newport and replace it with two smaller ones. On a mobile screen these will stack on top of each other, creating a better user experience.

Why is it Important to Have a Responsive Website?

Having a responsive website is important because of how many people access the internet from a mobile device. In 2015, 1.9 billion people will use the internet on a smartphone or tablet. In fact, 25% of people worldwide will only access the internet from a mobile platform. That’s a huge share of internet users that you cannot afford to not cater to.

The problem with traditional web design is that 44% of people claim that navigating a site on a mobile device is difficult. If a smartphone user has a problem accessing a site they’re going to be less likely to return. This is especially true for potential customers who only use the internet from a smartphone or tablet.

Another reason it’s important to have a responsive website is that it will increase your search engine rating. Google and other search engines check websites to see if they are compatible with mobile platforms. If they are, they’re more likely to send traffic to your site. If you’re selling a product, mobile traffic can be lucrative, as 69% of tablet users report using their device to make a purchase in the last thirty days.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Website?

If you don’t have a website yet then you want to be sure to talk to your web designer about creating a responsive site. You should ask them about their experience with making responsive pages and about how they will make your site easy to use on a mobile platform. The firm you’re talking to should be able to confidently answer all your questions.

On the other hand, there are two easy ways you can improve your website if you already have one. The simplest way is to load your website on your phone and go through it page by page, creating a list of problems that you encounter. For example, some text may be too small to read, certain images might render poorly, or it may be difficult to click different links. Take that list of problems to your web designer and work through them.

Another way to improve your website is to analyze it using this tool from Google. It will assess your website and point out any potential problems that a mobile user may face. This tool is useful because you’ll know exactly what you need to fix in order to increase your Google search ranking.

Having a responsive website means that it will look as good on a smartphone as it does on a desktop computer. Google rankings aside, you should have the final say in how a page appears on a mobile platform. Owing to the huge number of mobile users today, it’s important that your brand makes a positive impression.



your website is your sales person

5 Reasons Your Website Is Your Best Salesperson

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your website is your sales personOne of the biggest problems business owners and executives have during the web design process is thinking about their websites as websites. That might sound like a riddle, but it’s actually a reminder that your website has a more important job than simply sitting online and bringing in visitors – it should be a good sales tool, too.

 In fact, your website should be your company’s best sales performer. If you object to that statement, or doubt its accuracy, then consider these five reasons why your website has to do a good job of selling to be effective:

1. Your website is always selling. 

It’s unfortunate that you can’t have your company’s best salesperson in front of a prospect at the exact moment when they’re thinking about buying something from you. Your website is always open and available, though, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, or if it’s a holiday… your website is always open for business.

2. Your website always delivers the right pitch.

The better a salesperson is, the more consistent they are going to be in explaining the benefits of your products or services to other people. Even the very best in the business aren’t perfect, though. Your website, on the other hand, can deliver a perfect pitch every single time (assuming you’ve got good copywriting and visuals to work with).

3. Your website can do things salespeople can’t.

It would be hard for a salesperson to move instantaneously into a multimedia pitch, provide references for every fact or study they use in the sales process, or gather together the latest testimonials from happy buyers in a few seconds. Your website can do all of these things for multiple prospects at once without breaking a sweat.

4. Your website can handle more prospects without asking for a raise.

Speaking of multiple prospects, one big problem with having a star salesperson is that there is only so much of his or her time and attention to go around. If they get overwhelmed because your marketing is successful, then you have to start recruiting and hiring all over again – a process that can be time-consuming and expensive. Your website actually gets more efficient as people use it more and more. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to have lots of visitors, but you get a lot more in return.

5. Your website is the perfect team player.

While live salespeople can (understandably) sometimes be a bit touchy about sharing leads and commissions, your website doesn’t have any hang-ups about being a team player. If you want it to finish a sale on its own, that’s fine; if you’d rather have your website spread information and gather leads before passing them on to a different member of your sales team, that’s fine, too.

 When it comes down to it, your website simply handles a number of different sales tasks that a real live person would struggle to. It’s always on, has more capabilities, and is more efficient. So, if your company’s website isn’t doing a great job of sales, now is the perfect time to ask yourself why.

web_gradeFree Website Audit

We will send you an In-Depth analysis of your website so you can learn how to improve your online visibility through SEO, Social Media, Usability and much more.

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Or better yet, if you have a website project get in touch with us and let us start finding the answers you need.

Web Design mistakes your business could be making

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RI Web Design

Common Web Design Errors

Nowadays, websites represent hubs for businesses of all size and shapes. However as a small business, your web design can be a very important component of your marketing along with branding initiatives. A single flaw risk turning away a valuable possible client.

Although it’s crucial to make it simple for prospective customers to discover your company’s website, additionally you need to ensure you’re meeting their needs regarding the general user experience, content, and overall look. A poorly created website can cost you thousands of dollars upfront, but even more concerning is the losing of potential profit you may encounter from the poor design and functionality.

Your website development process is undoubtedly tedious, but keeping away from common Web design blunders can help your bottom line blossom in the end. Below are a few blunders you could be making:

You have disregarded your own market.

It’s simple to forget about your audience when you’re rushing to have your website prepared. However just before your web site can be effective, you should first very carefully study your customers within the particular market you’re attempting to reach. Utilize your research like a base for your Web design process.

If you are aiming to reach women from the twenty one to thirty age groups, look at younger looking color plans and images, and appeal to mobile website compatibility. As for a mature target market, concentrate on larger font sizes and simplifying the consumer experience to aid with quicker navigation. Many Web design inquiries tend to be easily clarified through target audience research.

Have you gone crazy with the design?

A fancy design is not a highly effective online marketing strategy for your website. Actually, over-designing your website — and finding yourself having a busy-looking product — will assure your potential customers devote hardly any time on it. Stay away from going crazy with your Web design elements and instead, concentrate on appealing to users. Of course, that can be done having a simplistically designed website! Help to make their time spent on your website as pleasant as you possibly can through simple navigation.

Your content is dull.

An appealing and successful website ought to contain the most current details about your products, services, and business as a whole. If your website is actually missing a fresh experience regarding content material, your customer may believe you’re not in business any longer–or even worse, you are certainly not innovative enough to get in front of the competitors.

For attractive information, make certain your responding to the needs of both your existing and prospective customers. Update often, in particular with business updates, news, and developments. For those who have a blog on your website, think about changing it one or more times a week to help you drive visitors to your website and boost your search engine optimization.

You chose to DO IT YOURSELF.

Web design is best left for the professionals. Although a DIY effort may appear important to allow for your small budget, you are most likely not going to do your small business justice online. Your web site could be the first chance most of your customers have to connect to your brand; delivering a DIY experience may turn these people away.

Your web site is deficient in mobile compatibility.

75% of mobile phone Internet users desire a mobile-friendly website, but ninety six percent say they have came across web sites that were definitely not designed for mobile devices. Do your research to determine the percent of your visitors presently using mobile devices gain access to your web site. If you have got a high amount, look at creating a separate mobile version of your website or an application. For a lower number, just be sure your web site is understandable on smartphones, but avoid buying a mobile version.

What Does Your Font/Logo Say About You? Is it Time for An Updated Logo?

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Great History of Typography

Here is a great info-graphic on typography. Fonts are an cornerstone of design. They come into play with logo design, print design, and many other media’s. There are over 90,000 typefaces available today. Read through and you can dive into the history of typography. What does your logo font say about your company? Do you know? Have you ever considered the message it is portraying to you potential customers? The font you use is important, if you want create a consistent brand message contact us today @ 781-510-1298 (Boston Area) or 401-339-4155 (Providence Area).


Making your Website Multilingual

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Building a Multi Language WebsiteWhen thinking about the structure and the audience your website will bring in it is becoming more and more important to ensure your website can be viewed and read by as many visitors as possible. When we speak with our clients about starting there web design we always bring up the ability to make there website translatable across numerous languages.

While some browsers such as Chrome, already have a built in translation feature, we cannot rely on the fact that everyone is using the Chrome browser. Fortunately, there are some great options for adding multilingual support your website. We’ve done a few so far and have used these two approaches.

Automatic Web Design Translation:

This option creates a universal translation of all elements across your website. Automatic translation can be beneficial if you are in a time crunch or just want to provide your visitors an easy way to view your content.

Pros: Inexpensive, and easy to use, with many languages supported.
Cons: Translations are not precise, and you must rely on third party service; it can slow things down a bit, and can break menus and layouts.

When should you use automatic translation?

If you have a target audience and it is primarily one language such as English, then automatic translation provides a quick and easy method to reach non-native speakers.

Chances are good that if a visitor is looking for information or services from your site and need a translation, they have used online translation services before. Supplying in-page translation services removes that extra step needed by the visitor and provides a better experience.

Manual translation of your Website:

Pros: Perfect translations and end-user experience.
Cons: Can be expensive and you need to decide which languages your website will provide.

When manual website translation is beneficial?

Manual translations are advantageous when your audience has more than one (but not too many) primary languages. In these situations, it is more considerable to maximize the quality of your audience versus maximizing its size. Most translation services charge by the word, but what you get in return is a near perfect translation.

Why good web design is so important for small business

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 Importance of Web Design for Rhode Island Small business’s

Rhode Island website design and developmentA precise web development strategy and a good web design is all that small businesses will need to promote their business, services and products. In this world of competition, large corporations spend millions of dollars every year for promotion. But this is not possible for small organizations as they do not have that much money, power and resources. The only option to promote their business is through the internet. In the global platform of internet, the small business can benefit from both SEO and SEM. However, for this, they must have a web development strategy along with a good web design.

In today’s every changing world, most small businesses heavily depend on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.  As they are more target specific, cost effective, more consistent and have a greater coverage, everyone is using the internet for promotion. In this process, the most important thing that adds the highest value in the branding and promotion is the website of the company. The website of a company actually works as the first point of contact for any organization by giving a first glimpse to the potential clients. Your website is your business ambassador which needs to be attractive and appealing to the visitors so that they get engaged in your site and also make a purchase decision.

Although, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing will involve a number of processes such as analytics, web hosting, email marketing etc, it will all lead to your website. Hence, you should focus on the website in the first place. It is not that difficult to make a website with a good design. A good website design should be simple and easy. If a website is too complicated, people will get lost in it and never come back to it. Therefore, you should make sure that you do not add any complicated things in the website. Also keep a close eye on the layout of the website. In addition, easy user experience is also vital for a website. So try to keep the website as tidy as possible.  Don’t try to include too many graphics, animation in the website. It’s the useful information and some picture that the people are looking for. So give them what they want and get benefited from them. Hundreds of small businesses have managed to make it big in the market with their website and you could be the next one in the list as well.

Lucky for you, there are different companies like Rhode Island Web Design who can help you in developing a great website. It is really important for you to get someone with years of experience and credibility to create a website which is creative and engaging. With a good website design all other things such as SEO, Google Analytics, Web Hosting will become easy for you. If you want, you can also take your website to the next level in the mobile platform. Come up with a mobile web design that people will be able to access with their mobile phone. So don’t waste any time look for Rhode Island Web Design in Google to find out the best help and expertise you can even get.

Responsive Web Design Infographic

Building a responsive website design

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Building a Responsive Website design: In today’s new age world as a business we cannot afford to limit our websites to computer screens alone. Not only are all computer screens various sizes but each user can adjust there own settings that can make your website look completly different that your initial intentions.

As technology advances more and more people view consumer websites on there mobile phones, tablet’s and e-readers. Building a dedicated website for each of these devices would not only be a cumbersome project but would also drive up the cost of your website development. Based on recent statistics, mobile Internet usage has been growing over the past few years and is expected to overtake computer Internet usage by next year!

The Solution – Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is a way of building a site using a set of standards that adapt to the size of the screen the website is being viewed on.  What appears to be a full scale website on a desktop computer when viewed on a mobile device will display as if it was built specifically for that device by scaling down the page elements such as images, boxed areas, and menu’s while maintaing the text to a readable size on the mobile device. This process works the same way across all different types of devices no matter what the size of the screen.

Making sure to build your companies website with a responsive framework when you start your planning and developing of your new website will not only save you time and money, but will also ensure your site will be available to viewers for the future as well.

[image title=”Responsive Website design” align=”center” desc=”Info-graphic created by Dot Com Infoway” alt=”Building a responsive website design graphic”  lightbox=”true” height=”1531″][/image]


The importance of a well designed logo for your business

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Your business logo is your prime identity. This is what makes you connect with your loyal customers and gets you noticed. If you have a high-flying logo, people will easily notice you among the crowd of your competitors. This is why; it is really important for you to carefully plan your logo and branding design. If you have a meaningful and impactful logo, this will not only make your clients to locate you easily but also add more value to your branding as well.

Now let’s talk in detail about the role of your business logo in maximizing your profits. Your logo which is actually a sign or image resembles your presence in the market. If you have a logo that is popular to common people, they will be easily attracted to you and your products as well. Take the example of Proctor & Gamble who have a dominant logo and all the products bearing the logo of them is has more acceptability in the market. Therefore, if you have a creative and attractive logo, you will find that people will be more attracted to your products as well. In addition to that, your logo can also add more value to your branding as well. In fact, your logo is the most important thing in your brand development strategy where you try to make a perception among your customers. Take the example of any fortune 500 companies including Apple, Coke and so on. Now these organizations won’t even go for any large billboard or long advertisement. They just simply promote their products by showing their logo and the customers know that they are available there. You can also benefit from your logo, have a strong branding if you can manage to develop and promote your logo.

For a successful logo, you will need to make sure a number of things in the first place. The logo has to be unique and related to your business and products. You can be really creative and try some of the most gorgeous logos. However, if they are too complicated, not related to your business, people won’t be able to connect with you. Hence, it is important that you make sure your logo is connected with your business. You should make sure that your logo is distinctive so that people won’t get confused with the logo of your competitors.  This is why; it is always important that you ask for expertise from the professionals in the trade such as the Rhode Island Logo Design. These people understand how people think and perceive logos; have extensive market understanding and research capacity. Hence, they will be able to design the logo that will give you instant acceptability and image to your customers. Even if you already have a logo which is not working for your business, you can always make improvements in your logo as a new brand development strategy as well. Search for Rhode Island Logo Design in Google and you will find the best help you will need.

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