4 Ways to Prep Your Business Website for a 2021 Boom

Business WebsitesEconomists, Wall Street analysts, and even health professionals all predict that 2021 will be a year of recovery (and I think we are all thankful for that). But even though a return to normalcy and increased activity would be wonderful, it presents new challenges to marketers of every stripe.

Ask yourself: Is your business prepared for a brighter future starting with the second half of 2021? If you aren’t ready or aren’t sure, then you are in good company. Many of the business owners and marketing professionals we have been working with freely admit they aren’t ready for what’s to come, either.

With that in mind, we wanted to use today’s post to share four quick and easy ways you can prepare your website for a boom in the coming months…

#1 Make Sure Your CMS Is in Place and Updated

This is good advice for any economic climate, but particularly one where things might change quickly. A great content management system (CMS) allows you to update and make changes in a flash without having to contact your web design partner or lose your existing format.

However, all content management systems – including WordPress and HubSpot – require regular updates. This is a good time to ensure you don’t have security issues, outdated plugins, and other problems hiding in your pages.

#2 Don’t Wait to Take Care of Web Maintenance Basics

Having a fully functional website is great for your sales and marketing efforts. When you have the basics like SSL connections, fast hosting, and website audits covered, it’s easier to rank well on search engines and keep buyers happy.

Often, business owners rush to make these kinds of changes when the economy shifts and buyers come out of the woodwork. It’s a lot better (and faster) to regularly have your design team take care of these tasks. So if you’ve been putting them off, now is the time to act.

#3 Anticipate Changes in Your Market (if Possible)

Suppose we could wave a magic wand and suddenly turn your market back to its normal state – or whatever normal will look like for you after most people have been vaccinated against Covid. What sort of things would customers want from you? What products or services would you be offering? What would your competitors be up to?

You might not have all the answers yet, but try to think these questions through. By envisioning the near-term future in this way you can help decide what sorts of plans you should be working on in the meantime.

#4 Consider Creating New Content Ahead of Schedule

Content creation is something that holds up almost every new web design or online marketing project. Whenever you roll out new products and services, paragraphs will be written, videos to be shot, and photos that have to be taken and edited.

If you were able to find some answers from the exercise listed above, this is a good time to think through your future marketing campaigns. If you have the sense that you will be using materials in the future that haven’t been created in the present, it’s time to get to work. Having your emails, PPC ads, social media posts, and blog articles ready to use will save you a lot of time when buyers are spending at a normal level again.

Need a Web Design Partner Who Can Help You Adjust With the Economy?

Talk to our clients and they’ll tell you there are a lot of reasons they love working with us: we provide great art, have excellent knowledge when it comes to online marketing, and prioritize fast and friendly service. But one reason they have given us rave reviews over the past year is our ability to be flexible. As situations change and challenges pop up, we are ready to help them adjust their strategies as needed.

If that’s the kind of service you want from a web design and online marketing partner, contact us to schedule a free consultation today!

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