3 Simple Ideas to Boost Social Ad Engagement in a Big Way

When you try social media advertising for the first time, you learn a couple of things in very quick succession. The first is that it’s amazing. Modern technology allows you to reach your ideal audience of buyers at exactly the time when they need your products or services most. Even better, it allows you to do so for just a few dollars per day.

That brings us to the second thing you learn: that many of your competitors have already discovered the same thing and are saturating buyers’ social feeds with ads.

It’s easy to draw the wrong conclusion from this dynamic and decide you’re going to give up because the market is overcrowded. A better reaction is to simply ask yourself how you can make your ads stand out. That’s where we can step in and help. Let’s look at three simple ideas you can use to boost social ad engagement in a huge way…

#1 Read the Room Before Posting

None of your customers is sitting around hoping they’ll get to see one of your ads today. They have their own hopes, fears, and ideas that preoccupy their thoughts.

Rather than trying to “hook” them with your ad or offer, try stepping into the conversation that has already been taking place in their minds. Use the language, images, and ideas they do. Show them you understand what they are going through. Not only is this a great way to win attention, but it builds your credibility so buyers are actually open to hearing about the products or services you have to offer them.

#2 Repeat Yourself in a Tactful Way

If you watch TV or YouTube videos, then you have undoubtedly found yourself wondering why you are seeing the same ads for the hundredth time at some point. The answer is simple: repetition works.

When you have correctly identified your target market on the right social network, the worst thing you can do is reach out to them once and then stop trying. Your potential customers are too busy and distracted for that. You want them to see your ad – or preferably, variations that all revolve around the same theme and benefits – dozens of times. Each exposure increases the odds that they will notice it and respond.

#3 Level Up Your Creative Game

The other thing you can do to increase social ad engagement is simply dress up your messaging more effectively. That means using higher-quality images and video, cleaning up your audio, and making sure everything is as tight and professional as possible.

This is an area where a creative team like ours can be a huge help. Not only can we deliver the kinds of material you need (in terms of writing, video, images, etc.) but we also use tricks of the trade to make your ads stand out. We have many years of experience studying eye-tracking, heat maps, click-through rates, branding colors, ad positions, and dozens of other details most amateur marketers don’t have the time to consider. Add them together and they give us the tools needed to take your campaigns to a whole new level.

Need Help Creating Search and Social Ads That Convert?

Let’s wrap up today’s post by giving you one other piece of useful information that a lot of business owners and marketers tend to miss: you don’t have to develop social advertising campaigns all on your own.

With a team of engagement and conversion experts on your side, you can turn small ad expenditures into big results. Contact Black Door Creative today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the cost-effective strategies we have used to help other businesses grow.

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