Are You Overlooking Someone Important on Your Website?

multiple website personalitiesOne of the best things you can do, to give your business website focus and encourage conversions, is to think about your target audience. You want your pages to be designed and written for a specific type of persona so that it resonates with their needs, knowledge level, and emotional hot buttons.

However, while most business owners and executives will have an easy time identifying one or more buyer personas, we try to remind them that there are other audiences for their content, too. Paying a little bit of attention to these other groups can make a website more profitable than it otherwise would be.

So, who might you be overlooking on your website? Let’s consider a few groups that should be addressed on your pages.

Overlooked Audiences for a Business Website

Employees are there online resources your employees could use, or that could save your company money? Good examples might be scheduling tools, online training apps, or payroll resources. These all make your website more valuable to the people you count on, and reduce the time and expense associated with management, human resources, and other ongoing challenges.

Job Seekers – speaking of people, you want to attract the best and brightest to your business. Of course, most of today’s job seekers begin their search online. By posting available openings and promoting your company as a great place to work, you can go a long way towards staffing your business with bright, competent, and professional individuals. If you care about the long-term health of your business, this could be one of the most important sections of your website.

Vendors/Partners – although many business owners and executives don’t think of including vendor pages on their websites, we think more should. For one thing, vendors can help your business to grow in the same way employees can. And for another, shepherding people who want to work with you towards the resources they need reduces the number of sales calls and emails you have to deal with.

Media Outlets a bit of positive media attention, even if it’s from a local publication or an industry blogger, can boost awareness of your products and services in a big way. So, why not include a page on your website with background info, media contacts, and a press kit? You never know when something like that will come in handy for an editor… and what the resulting profile can do for your business or career.

Adding a Secondary Focus to Your Business Website

It’s worth reiterating that you can include pages and content on your website for each of these groups without focusing directly on them. In other words, you’ll still be building your website with your most important customers in mind, but also adding special pages or sections for other users who might need different resources.

The great thing about these groups is that they’ll usually look for the information they need. So, you can capture their attention without altering your core marketing messages. And, you can build a stronger and more profitable business as a result.

Is Your Website Helping Your Business?

Do you feel like your business website is helping you to improve your bottom line, or is it just an online brochure that isn’t doing much to boost sales, marketing, or recruiting? If you don’t know – or think you could be getting more from the internet – now is the time to talk with our creative team. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help!

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