Don’t Waste Money Promoting a Bad Website

wasting money on bad websiteThere is an old expression – Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad – that seems especially pertinent in the digital age. That’s because business owners are waking up to the fact that they should be investing in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing. However, pouring time and money into these campaigns is never going to result in real gains if their underlying websites aren’t strong enough.

To put it another way, you should never waste money promoting a bad website. No matter how expensive or creative your campaigns are, it just won’t work. To really build your brand and attract customers over the internet, you have to have a strong web presence to begin with. It’s the foundation for everything else you do online.

So, how do you know if your website isn’t good enough to promote? Here are a few tell-tale signs…

Your Web Design Looks Outdated

Behind all the technical ways to measure website performance, the reality is that you usually know when your pages don’t look as good as they should. If your web presence just appears old and outdated, then you shouldn’t spend money trying to get customers to view it. It will just hurt your credibility without leading to any new sales.

Your Web Content Doesn’t Do a Good Job of Selling Your Business

Average web content doesn’t give you any advantages in the market, but writing that is unclear or marked by typos and grammatical errors just convince prospects they don’t want to work with you. That kind of impression is almost impossible to overcome, and guiding traffic to pages with bad web content is simply a waste.

Your Business Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that more than half of all the people using the internet right now are accessing the web through phones and tablets? If you don’t have a responsive web design that works well on smaller screens, customers are simply going to take their attention and money elsewhere. That means whatever you do in your online marketing campaigns won’t pay off.

Some Features on Your Business Website Don’t Work

If you have non-functioning links, missing images, or videos that don’t display on your business website, that’s going to create a lot of problems. It might cause browsers to crash, trigger security warnings, or just be annoying to people who were interested in buying something from you. And, it will sink your search engine optimization and PPC marketing efforts.

Stop Throwing Money Down the Drain with Online Marketing

Business owners dealing with any of these problems on their websites need to think twice before spending any money on internet marketing. Rather than worry about their search engine positioning, for instance, they should simply invest in a better web presence. That might be frustrating to hear, but we would rather that you have the truth.

Nothing you do to promote your website is going to show a positive return until that website can impress your customers and convince them to take the next step. Luckily, that’s something our team can help with.

Want a Great Website, Expert Advice, and Fair Creative Pricing?

At Black Door Creative here in Rhode Island, we specialize in building modern, functional, and affordable websites for small business owners. Better yet, we help them to get the kinds of results other digital agencies only promise.

If that sounds like the kind of service you expect from a creative team, then contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can put our minds to work for you!

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