Google Doesn’t Really Hate Your Website


One of the things business owners say when they can’t get any traction with search engine optimization (SEO) is: “Google must really hate my website.”

We can understand why they would feel that way. In reality, though, almost all of Google’s search algorithm results are automated. That means they are determined by an algorithmic formula, backed by artificial intelligence, and updated in real time.

But even when you take the math and science out of things, the reality is that Google would still be indifferent to the fate of your website and business. That’s because there is really only one question to consider…

Is This a Good Search Result?

Google makes money from digital ads (among other things). In order for those ads to have any value they need users to keep flocking to their search portal. And for that to happen they have to provide good search results.

What makes a good search result from Google’s perspective? That comes down to things users prefer, like:

  • Lots of original and relevant content around a specific topic
  • Timely updates so pages and articles are never too old
  • Websites that load quickly, work correctly, and don’t have dead ends

If it seems like Google hates your website, then it’s probably because you’re missing one or more of these factors. After all, those are the things your potential customers would hate, so Google doesn’t want to send them to a bad search result and have them take their time, money, and attention elsewhere.

So, Google doesn’t hate you or your website. It’s just telling you that you aren’t trying hard enough to attract the right sort of visitors.

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