The Biggest Lesson to Take From the Facebook Outage

When Facebook went offline this week, the variety of reactions were telling. To some, going without the world’s most powerful social platform left them feeling isolated. Others saw the outage as a welcome break from the constant barrage of likes, shares, and messages. Many thought of it as nothing more than a simple inconvenience.

In fact, the only thing that was truly unusual about the responses was that they weren’t shared on Facebook itself. There were no thumbs-up buttons or worried face emojis sent through the social network itself.

For most of the world, the event will be a small blip that will quickly be forgotten. For business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers, though, even a temporary loss of Facebook was a powerful reminder that important sources of online traffic and revenue can disappear in the blink of an eye. And that, really, takes us to the number one business lesson to draw from this week’s Facebook outage…

Never Put All Your Eggs in One Marketing Basket

Obviously, “spread the risk around” isn’t exactly groundbreaking advice. Neither does it qualify as a cutting-edge, digital-age business tactic. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth thinking about.

Consider some of the advances we have all lived through the past few years:

  • Numerous Google algorithm updates that suddenly cut o