4 Things a Potential Customer MUST Find on Your Website


We have reached a point in 2021 where web design has become so essential and sophisticated to business owners that it is often discussed in terms of artistic edge and UX standards. We obsess over cross-platform mobile compatibility and search engine optimization to the point that the basics are taken for granted.

That makes sense, particularly given the level of competition that is out there on the web. However, we are sometimes reminded that the fundamentals still matter. In fact, there are millions of websites out there that lack the basics. And unfortunately, the business owners behind them are losing a lot of money as a result.

What sorts of basics are we referring to? There are a lot of directions we could go, of course, but for the moment we are going to focus on the kinds of things that make the difference between someone stopping by your retail business or visiting a competitor. 

In today’s post, we wa