What Small Businesses Really Need to Grow in 2015

Over the next few weeks, you’ll undoubtedly come across dozens of articles telling you all about what small businesses need to grow in 2015. The problem is, they won’t necessarily agree – some authors and experts are going to insist Internet marketing and advertising are the key; others will prefer more traditional tactics like direct mail or focused branding efforts.

So who should you believe? What does your small business really need to grow in the coming 12 months? How can you generate more leads and sales without spending a fortune?

The answer isn’t as complicated as you might expect. In fact, it’s hiding in plain sight. The reality is that there isn’t any real distinction between online or offline marketing anymore. Your mobile web marketing might need to be focused and compelling, for example, but so do your postcard mailers. And they all have to tell the same basic story.

In other words, what small businesses need to spur growth is an integrated approach to winning customers. It’s not about the tactics, but the plan and the philosophy. At Black Door Creative, we use a top-to-bottom approach that encompasses everything business owners need, including:

Branding and strategic planning. Without a plan, it’s hard to get the right results. That’s why we begin by learning to understand what your company is all about, what your short- and long-term goals are, and what kinds of challenges you’re facing. Then, we can develop a strategy that speaks to your strengths and makes it possible for you to make the kinds of gains you’re looking for.

Messaging and creative development. Of course, all the planning in the world won’t help if you don’t have great creative pieces that invite phone calls, visits, and click-throughs. We work with you to develop webpages, ads, and other creative elements that draw in interest and attention from your very best prospects.

Overlapping marketing campaigns and releases. Once all the right pieces are in place, it’s time to roll out your marketing campaigns and enjoy the rise in sales that will result. Unlike other creative firms, we don’t just look for one-time “bumps” in revenue; we’ll help you build a sustainable plan that reinforces your brand and messaging over time, so customers keep coming back for more.

A system of continuous measurement and refinement. Even the most successful marketing campaigns need to be revised, adjusted, and modified over time. We’ll study the results of our work together to see where we can improve sales in the future so that every campaign is stronger than the one before.

What your business needs in 2015 is more customers, not more buzzwords. Until you have a team that understands how the different pieces of a well-constructed sales funnel work together, finding consistent success in marketing is going to be difficult.

Are you ready to take your sales approach to the next level? Talk to a member of the Black Door Creative team today and let us show you what we’ve been able to do for other businesses just like yours.


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