What You Need to Know About Website Traffic

Most of the business owners we work with like looking at general website statistics, and in particular stats relating to traffic. They love seeing that hundreds or thousands of people have come to their pages through Google, Facebook, and PPC ads.

Usually, their interest is in knowing whether more or fewer customers are finding their way to the company online. Beyond that, they tend to not have much interest in the figures themselves.

However, if you’re a business owner or manager who wants to attract customers over the internet, then you should know a little bit more about your website traffic statistics. In particular, you should get together with your web design team on a regular basis to review a few key success indicators. Let’s look at the figures you should be paying the closest attention to…

Web Visitor Stats and Trends

We should start with the one set of statistics you probably already know and are following. It’s a good idea to keep tabs on how many visitors you have coming to your website on a weekly or monthly basis, and whether that number is climbing or falling. This can give you a very rough sense of whether your online marketing campaigns are working or not, particularly if you’ve been spending a lot of time or money promoting your site.

Your Website Traffic Sources

Just as important as knowing how many people you are attracting to your pages is figuring out where they are coming from. That tells you a lot about how you should be investing your time and money, of course, but also what your prospects are looking for when they actually see your pages. For instance, someone arriving from a Google search might be looking for information, while a person who clicks on a more direct ad could be shopping for products and comparing prices.

What Visitors Are Doing on Your Website

When a visitor arrives at your website for the first time, what are they likely to do? Which products or topics appeal to them? Where are they leaving your website from? The answers to these questions can tell you a great deal about which ideas or content areas appeal to your customers, and what their motivating factors are when they decide to either take the next step with your business or visit a competitor.

How You Can Improve Conversions

Once you put all of these factors together, you get a much clearer picture of who you have coming to your website, what they want, and how you can persuade them to make a purchase, set up an appointment, or stop by your retail location. In other words, you get past the point of counting website visits and start optimizing your pages for conversions. Ultimately, website traffic statistics are only interesting when they lead to business growth, so that’s where your focus should be.

Need Help Making Your Online Marketing More Effective?

If you’re looking for a way to make your website and online marketing strategy pay bigger returns, it might be time to consider getting help from a creative team that understands real-world results. At Black Door Creative in Rhode Island, we know what it takes to help small businesses find customers, earn positive reviews, and grow their bottom lines.

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