When is it Time to Hire a New Web Designer?

Often, when we meet with a prospective new client it isn’t someone launching a brand-new business. Instead, it’s the owner of an established company who has worked with another web designer in the past, or an executive looking for online marketing help that goes beyond the service they are already getting.

In other words, these men and women made the tough call that it’s time to look at hiring a new web designer. Often, they’ve taken this step as a last resort, even though they know it’s the right thing for their business.

Should you follow their lead? In today’s post we want to look at seven clear signs that it’s time to hire a new business web designer…

#1 Your Website Looks Bad

bad website designThere just isn’t room for an ugly, non-functional, or badly organized website in today’s online marketing environment. Your competitors are only a click away on Google and your customers don’t have a lot of patience. So, if your website doesn’t look or perform the way it should, you need help from someone who can fix the problem.

#2 You’re Falling Behind the Competition

We’ve already mentioned the competition, but let’s focus on them a little more for a moment. When they have features on their websites that you don’t (and especially things like mobile responsiveness and online ordering) it puts your company at a huge disadvantage. If your old web design team wasn’t looking out for these problems, you need to.

#3 Your Online Marketing is Stale

In this context, “stale” online marketing can take many forms. It might be campaigns, methods, and messages that haven’t changed in years. Or, it might mean that you’re putting time and money into the web without getting real leads or sales in return. Either way, you need to change course.

#4 You Pay Too Much and Get Too Little

If you’re paying a lot for web design and online marketing but aren’t getting overwhelming results for your money, then you should definitely consider other options. It’s unfortunate, but there are internet marketing vendors out there who are banking on the fact that you (their client) is going to shop around for a better deal.

#5 You Don’t Understand Your Invoices

A separate issue arises when you don’t really know what it is you are actually paying for each month. We’ve seen new clients bring us statements that showed extra fees for hosting, domain registration, and other services that were being maintained through separate third parties. At the very least, you should understand what is and isn’t included in your contract with the web designer.

#6 You Aren’t Getting Proactive Suggestions

Your web design and online marketing team should be bringing you new ideas to grow your business on a regular basis. If they aren’t, then it might be a sign they have taken you for granted or aren’t keeping up with the latest trends and industry best practices.

#7 You Want Some Fresh Ideas

Sometimes it’s worth it to meet with a new web design partner just to see what kind of ideas they can generate for you. That’s particularly true if the new firm has a track record of success that can be verified through testimonials and case studies. You have nothing to lose by shopping around and comparing notes.

Time for a Fresh Approach to Web Design and Online Marketing?

If what you are doing online isn’t working, or if you suspect you could be trying new things that would be more effective, then you owe it to yourself to have a free consultation with our creative team. Contact us today so we can schedule a time to share a cup of coffee and see if there is a better path forward for your business!

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