Where Did My Web Designer Go?

Believe it or not, we hear different versions of this rhetorical question at least a couple times a month. In fact, when you are in our business, it’s easy to imagine dozens and dozens of web designers with their names displayed on milk cartons, or perhaps having been abducted by aliens.

The sad fact of the matter is that clients often come to us because the web designers they were working with have simply disappeared. Sometimes this happens after a deposit has been paid, and on other occasions, it’s when the business owner needs urgent help with an existing site. No matter when it occurs, though, it’s never a good thing to find out that the person or company who put your web presence together is nowhere to be found.

In an effort to help clear up some of the mystery, let’s look at a few reasons you might discover your creative vendor has vanished into thin air…

Your Web Designer Didn’t Make It

Rhode Island Website DesignerIt’s unfortunate, but a lot of people who consider themselves to be “creative” enter this business without giving it much thought. After they do a few projects, though, they realize there is more to it than simply drawing great-looking pages. It takes a knowledge of web hosting, CRMs, search engine optimization, and so much more. So after a few setbacks, they fold and move on to different careers… whether they have finished all the work they agreed to or not.

Your Web Designer Doesn’t Want to Get Caught

Some web designers shut down operations quickly because they simply don’t want to be discovered. It’s incredibly easy, in this day and age, to steal things like layouts, images, and logos from the internet. Unfortunately for unethical types, it’s a little bit harder to get away with it indefinitely. So some designers will steal what they can, sell it as their own work, and then try to vanish before copyright lawyers and unhappy clients catch up with them.

Your Web Designer Is Ignoring Your Problem

It could be the case that your web designer hasn’t disappeared at all, but simply doesn’t want to talk with you or deal with the problem that has been created. For instance, some design teams will ship programming work to an overseas partner (with or without the client’s knowledge). Once things stop working the way they were supposed to, or the finished product can’t be delivered, they simply stop accepting calls or responding to emails. Obviously, that’s not the situation you want to find yourself in as a client.

Do You Need Some Stability in Your Online Marketing?

You can avoid disappearing web designers by working with companies that have an established history and track record. That might cost you a little bit more than you’re used to spending, but it also means you’re going to get real returns (like new leads and sales) rather than headaches and wasted campaigns.

If that sounds like the sort of trade-off you’re looking for, contact the expert minds at Black Door Creative today. Our rates are affordable, our success is proven, and our reputation is well-earned. What else could you need to know?

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