Your Website Content Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

website content creatorOften, web content is the last thing that’s added to a brand-new website. That leads some business owners and managers to conclude they can leave it until the last minute, or treat the text on their pages as an afterthought.

That’s understandable, but it’s not a good idea. Most of us don’t look back fondly on the days when we had to write reports in school, and so it’s only natural that lots of business people will put off the task of writing pages for a website. However, web content shouldn’t be an afterthought when building your web strategy – your message is central to everything you want to accomplish online.

To help you understand why here are a few things you have to remember…

Your Content Should Match and Influence Your Web Design

When you start working on your web content early, you can use the ideas you generate to help guide the design process. That means you can be sure the text you have will fit on your pages, of course, but also that the tone and focus of your messaging matches other elements like images, navigation bars, and layouts.

At the very least, you wouldn’t want to put together your sitemap without having some kind of roadmap for future content. Why not start creating content early so you can make sure all the pieces will fit together once your new website goes live?

It Takes Time to Develop Great Content

We have worked on hundreds of websites over the years. We have helped coach business owners and employees in the content creation process, and have even hired professional copywriters when their services were required.

One thing we learned along the way is that great content doesn’t appear out of anywhere. It takes time to brainstorm, develop, and edit. The last thing you want is to hold up the launch of your new website because your pages aren’t quite ready. Get started early and that won’t be a problem.

Your Content Has to Sell Your Company and Its Products or Services

The most important thing to remember about content is that it isn’t just the “finishing touch” on your web design – it’s also the messaging you’ll use to sell your products and services.

No matter how great your web design is, or how sharp your logo or photos might be, no one is going to buy anything from you until they read about your products or services. That’s why your content has to be sharp, credible, and persuasive. If it isn’t, you’ll never see any leads or sales coming from your brand-new website.

Your Web Content Matters

Good web content can help you attract search engine visits and persuade prospects to become buyers. However, it takes time to develop strong pages and articles, so you shouldn’t write on a tight deadline or treat your content as a minor piece of your web presence. If you’re in the process of building a new website, start sketching out ideas for your pages today. It won’t be as much of a headache as you might think, and you’ll thank yourself later.

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