Effective Email Marketing for your business

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Email Marketing and the right way to do it is kind of an unknown among many business’s. What is the proper way for you to market? How many times should you send out a marketing message and who should your email marketing message be sent to? Those are all great questions, The purpose of this article is to help answer some of these questions even if you are not one of our email marketing customers in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Truths about Email Marketing: Email Marketing is cost-effective. There are costs involved in email marketing, such as copywriting and design, your production and delivery costs are significantly cheaper than that of direct mail. For the same amount, you can send out around a hundred emails for every direct mail letter. Email builds relationships. While email may not be the only method that helps connect you with your audience, it’s the least intrusive—enabling the…

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Responsive Web Design Infographic

Building a responsive website design

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Building a Responsive Website design: In today’s new age world as a business we cannot afford to limit our websites to computer screens alone. Not only are all computer screens various sizes but each user can adjust there own settings that can make your website look completly different that your initial intentions. As technology advances more and more people view consumer websites on there mobile phones, tablet’s and e-readers. Building a dedicated website for each of these devices would not only be a cumbersome project but would also drive up the cost of your website development. Based on recent statistics, mobile Internet usage has been growing over the past few years and is expected to overtake computer Internet usage by next year! The Solution – Responsive Website Design Responsive website design is a way of building a site using a set of standards that adapt to the size of the screen the website…

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The importance of a well designed logo for your business

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Your business logo is your prime identity. This is what makes you connect with your loyal customers and gets you noticed. If you have a high-flying logo, people will easily notice you among the crowd of your competitors. This is why; it is really important for you to carefully plan your logo and branding design. If you have a meaningful and impactful logo, this will not only make your clients to locate you easily but also add more value to your branding as well. Now let’s talk in detail about the role of your business logo in maximizing your profits. Your logo which is actually a sign or image resembles your presence in the market. If you have a logo that is popular to common people, they will be easily attracted to you and your products as well. Take the example of Proctor & Gamble who have a dominant logo…

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