finding the right value in web design

Finding the Value in Your Next Business Website

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“Is it worth the money to have someone design a new business website for my company?” We hear versions of this question all the time. It’s understandable that business owners want to know whether they’ll see a positive return on investment when they contact us for web design and online marketing work. However, we think this isn’t actually the best thing to ask. Instead, what new clients should want to know is how exactly they can find the value in a new website. In other words, the focus should be on all the different ways you can improve your bottom line with the right creative team. With that in mind, today we want to look at a few of the ways you can profit directly and immediately from an improved web presence. Let’s start with the most obvious benefit… Sales, Leads, and Walk-in Visits When you have a great website,…

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website content creator

Your Website Content Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

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Often, web content is the last thing that’s added to a brand-new website. That leads some business owners and managers to conclude they can leave it until the last minute, or treat the text on their pages as an afterthought. That’s understandable, but it’s not a good idea. Most of us don’t look back fondly on the days when we had to write reports in school, and so it’s only natural that lots of business people will put off the task of writing pages for a website. However, web content shouldn’t be an afterthought when building your web strategy – your message is central to everything you want to accomplish online. To help you understand why here are a few things you have to remember… Your Content Should Match and Influence Your Web Design When you start working on your web content early, you can use the ideas you generate…

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Rhode Island Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design vs. The One-Size-Fits-All Approach

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Recently, we have been meeting with a lot of business owners who have questions about the best way to get lasting value from their web design projects. It seems that everywhere they turn there is another option – including some that are fast, cheap, and easy. For instance, take the trend of DIY web templates. You have undoubtedly seen these advertised on YouTube and even television. For just a few dollars a month, they promise the chance to build a brand-new web presence from some easy fill-in-the-blanks forms. Additionally, there are numerous freelancers and overseas web design companies who will build a website from an existing design for next to nothing. Given that many business websites look similar, and there are time and money savings to be had, it’s only reasonable for people to ask us whether they really need to pay for custom web design. The answer, of course,…

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Web Design for Mobile Phones

Does Your Business Need A Mobile-First Web Design?

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If you’re thinking about getting a new website for your business, or just check out the occasional article on internet marketing, then you have probably already heard about the trend towards “mobile-first” web design. And, you might be wondering whether it’s something you need. To find the right answer to that question, you first have to understand what mobile-first web design is all about. Essentially, it’s just a recognition that in 2018 mobile phone and tablet users make up more than half of all internet traffic. Industry forecasters estimate that two-thirds or more of all web surfers will be using mobile devices by the end of 2020. Knowing that, it can make sense to simply design your business website with mobile users as your first priority instead of simply making your layout and content compatible smaller screens. In other words, mobile-first web design is all about assuming your customers will…

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5 affordable ways to boost online marketing

5 Instant, Effective, and Affordable Ways to Boost Your Online Marketing

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Contrary to popular belief – and what some of our competitors might tell you – getting better online marketing results doesn’t have to involve designing and launching a brand-new website. There are times when you should take that step, of course, but it can sometimes be just as smart (and a whole lot more cost-effective) to make small and immediate improvements to the website you have. For some business owners and managers, making inexpensive tweaks might be the only choice if budgets are tight. A lot of web designers don’t like to admit this, but there are little things you can do to boost the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns that don’t require a lot in terms of effort or money. They won’t save you if you have a bad website, but they can go a long way towards helping you get more returns from a good one that…

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How to Get Huge Value From a Small Business SEO Campaign

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Almost every small business owner decides to give search engine optimization (SEO) a try at some point or another. It’s not hard to understand why: with more than 4 billion searches a day, Google can send you more business than you could ever get from a billboard, mailing campaign, or referral network. While the benefits of a strong SEO effort might be obvious though, the path to a high Google search ranking isn’t so clear. In fact, most of the new clients we talk to will admit that their past campaigns yielded little or nothing in the way of results. That’s true despite the fact that many of them put a lot of time and money into improving their search visibility. We don’t want to see you put your resources into a project that doesn’t pay off. So today, we want to share a set of easy steps you can…

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Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

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Responsive web design means making a website look eye-popping on a desktop computer, and on a smartphone or tablet. For the most part this is easier said than done. A website looks different on a mobile device. That means that you, or your design firm, need to put a conscious effort into making a website responsive. It’s no longer enough to simply make a website look great on a computer. For example, imagine that you have an article about the tourism industry in Rhode Island. Your website is probably going to include lots of pictures. These pictures may look excellent on a computer, and too small on a smartphone. To make a website responsive, a web design firm might take one large picture of Providence or Newport and replace it with two smaller ones. On a mobile screen these will stack on top of each other, creating a better user…

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Social Media Marketing

Four Ways You Can Use Social Media to Benefit Your Business

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For many small businesses owners, social media may seem daunting and unprofitable.  After all, time is money and having a strong social media presence takes time.  However, according to the Pew Research Center, 74% of online adults are on some social media site and many consumers turn to social media when making their purchasing decisions.  As a small business owner, these are statistics you can’t afford to ignore. Social media management may be easier than you think.  Here’s a look at how an active social media presence can benefit your business and how to best use it to your advantage:    Build Your Brand.  One of the best ways to create brand awareness and loyalty is through social media.  Social media allows you to interact with consumers on a daily basis and gives your brand credibility.  In fact, consumers are more likely to purchase products from brands that they follow…

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Understanding Local SEO for Business

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Local SEO for Businesses Every business can agree that SEO is useful. In fact, every minor and major business with an online presence has incorporated SEO into their marketing strategy. As such, getting to the top of national search engine results has become a whole lot of competition. And it’s not all about the position, but about the traffic. You may be ranked #1 and get 100 views, or be ranked #7, and get your business 1000 views. Which is more important? The traffic, of course. In addition, you’ll want organic traffic that converts. For small businesses operating around their vicinity, competing with global brands beats purpose. Look at it this way: When you compete for a keyword related to your products (like home furniture) on a national scale, you’re competing with every similar company in the country for traffic. In addition, you may be offering services only in a specific…

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your website is your sales person

5 Reasons Your Website Is Your Best Salesperson

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One of the biggest problems business owners and executives have during the web design process is thinking about their websites as websites. That might sound like a riddle, but it’s actually a reminder that your website has a more important job than simply sitting online and bringing in visitors – it should be a good sales tool, too.  In fact, your website should be your company’s best sales performer. If you object to that statement, or doubt its accuracy, then consider these five reasons why your website has to do a good job of selling to be effective: 1. Your website is always selling.  It’s unfortunate that you can’t have your company’s best salesperson in front of a prospect at the exact moment when they’re thinking about buying something from you. Your website is always open and available, though, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It doesn’t...
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