The Hidden Rules of Content Marketing

Content MarketingBusiness owners have a lot of words to describe content marketing. But, unfortunately, if our experience is any indication, some of those words include slow, frustrating, and complex. That’s certainly not the case for every marketer, though; there are thousands of business owners out there attracting customers from blog articles, image posts, and videos.

Why is that? How is it that one group of entrepreneurs can be doing so well – dominating on sites like Facebook and Google – while others struggle to generate any attention for their content month after month?

The short answer is that the successful group understands the hidden rules of content marketing. There are three of these rules in particular that every business owner should master. Let’s examine them in order.

Hidden Rule #1: Make Better Content, Not More of it

For some reason, business owners tend to think content marketing is all about volume. “If I just publish more,” they assume, “the results will fol