The Unseen Social Media Metric You Might Be Missing

Newer marketers, or those who haven’t had a great deal of success on social media, tend to obsess over basic metrics like views and followers. That’s understandable, but it leads them to overlook something more foundational that could have a bigger impact on their success.

What is this unseen social media metric that so many people are missing? Authenticity.

Not what you would’ve guessed? To be fair, we set you up with something of a trick question. Authenticity isn’t a metric in the traditional sense. You can’t measure it on the dashboard the way you can click-through rate. It’s a very real quality nonetheless, though, and one that will probably make or break you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and other social media sites.

Here are a few ways you might think about the authenticity, or lack of authenticity, in your social messaging…

Are You Posting to Social Networks on a Consistent Schedule?

This is an easy-to-miss point, but you can’t be authentic in the eyes of your customers, vendors, and colleagues if they never hear from you. In other wo